We are engaged in designing, manufacturing, assembling, setting up, supplying spare parts, repairing food equipment. Our goal is to reduce costs and increase the profit of our customers due to the release of reliable equipment and the introduction of individual engineering solutions. For this we have: our own production for the production of modern equipment, qualified specialists for operational cooperation on the operation of equipment, service and delivery of components. We are always close to our customers, we participate in their development, offering advanced solutions in the field of machinery for the food industry.

Our possibilities:
-Modernization and repair of existing lines

-Manufacturing of milk processing equipment

Baths of long pasteurization (for pasteurization of milk and dairy products)

Oil Producers

Baths of cottage cheese and press carts for cottage cheese

Cottage cheese pressing machine UPT Mitrofanova

Cheese-making (Cheese-making)

Various containers for storing milk, and technological operations, agitators, etc.

-Production of modern equipment for filling butter

Automatic filling machines for butter

Homogenizers of butter (to the machine)

Choppers of butter (For chopping oil in blocks of 10-25 kg)

Transporters for the transport of packaged products

-Complex solutions: lines, workshops, mini plants for processing and packaging

-Supply of spare parts


Joint-stock company «NPO «INTROTEST»

620078, Russia, Yekaterinburg city

Phone: +7 (343) 344-68-14

E-mail: mail@mil-berg.com