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Bath curd gorizontal with steam or electric heater

Curd baths are a major element of the production lines of cottage cheese in the traditional way. Usually curd baths are used in conjunction with the tubs press, mold, trolleys and other equipment for cooling and pressing the finished cheese.

Bath curd is used in the dairy industry and is designed to heat the milk normalized up to a temperature of leaven, fermentation of milk in the educational process, cooling curd a clot (Calle).

Bath curd is designed to get the cottage cheese from milk with the subsequent separation of whey in the bath press.



The technology of the process


After filling the bath milk and fermentation of his shirt in serving hot water for heating milk and maintain the temperature of fermentation. To complete the process of fermentation the hot water lowered and served cold for cooling of the bunch. Through the gate ready clot fill bags and laid in rows in the bath press on the grille.


It is possible to produce on your size requirements.


-covers on the pneumocouples

-Lira Manual

-with automatic mixing device

-Multisectional with partitions, trouser press

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