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Bath pasteurizer ( Vat pasterizer ) - Milk pasteurizer


Application and operating principle.


Bath pasteurizer ( Vat pasterizer) or long-lasting pasteurization bath is storage tank with electric heater, agitator that is designed for storing, processing milk and dairy products in the dairy industry. In accordance with the requirements, heating, cooling, pasteurization, stirring can be performed while maintaining a certain temperature for a long time. Natural milk quickly sour due to the multiplication of bacteria, so to achieve maximum detoxification while maintaining all the useful properties in production, use a milk pasteurizer. Bath pasterurizer is an indispensable link in the technological chain of production of milk and dairy products.


Here you can find out more about how the pasteurization of milk takes place and how to choose a bath pasteurizer or vat pasterizer for milk


How is pasteurization of milk in bath pasteurizer.


During pasteurization, milk is heated to 95 degrees, while all microbes that are present in the raw product are killed, and the physical and chemical properties of the raw material remain unchanged. If the dairy products were not pasteurized or sterilized, the E. coli and other bacteria, including the pathogen of tuberculosis, would massively affect the whole of mankind.

There are several types of pasteurization process:
1. Continuous: for 40 minutes the raw material is gradually heated at a temperature of 65 degrees.
2. Short: heating for 1 minute to 90 degrees.
3. Instant: for a few seconds the milk is heated to 98 degrees.

The long-lasting pasteurization bath Milberg is made of certified stainless steel (AISI304 / AISI321), approved for use in the food industry. It has a sheathing, thermal insulation, work area and a shirt. The shirt is filled with water, which is heated by electrical heater or steam supply. Through the jacket, the internal container is heated with the product. When the heating process is over, cold water (water with a temperature of +2 .. + 4 degrees) is fed into the shirt for quick cooling. During the entire process, the product is mixed by agitator. The current product temperature is displayed on the control panel, there you can set the final pasteurization temperature, which is controlled by the temperature sensor.

Options: timer, touch control panel with recipes, CIP, air heater, mobile tank on wheels

It is possible to manufacture according to your dimensions, requirements.

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