Butter churn

Rotation Butter Churner Drum - Industrial Churn Machine - Butter mill


The application and principle of operation


Butter Churner periodic action is intended for the production of butter-drum rotation, the traditional method of periodic churning cream fat content of 25-40% of the dairy factories and private farms. Butter churn consists of support frame, the drum for churning, drive, control cabinet, loading flap, pipes.


The duty cycle of the churning cream occurs in 1-2 hours depending on the composition of the feedstock, the degree of pasteurization, observance of technological process and temperature. After the formation of the grain butter drum stop to drain the buttermilk in a water canteen through the drain valve. Then a second churning butter beans before the formation of a solid layer of butter. During the processing of the butter layer rises to a certain height and then drops, striking the wall of the butter churn. In multiple repetition strikes and stirring the butter is sealed, moisture is dispersed. Unloading of butter produced in the technological capacity of the manually on the lateral position of the drum or through the own weight of the monolith of butter in the bottom position butter churn flap.

-Butter churns models up to 320 liters are completed with the drives on one whole frame. Possible execution on wheeled supports.

The model of over 320 liters is equipped with a more powerful drive on a separate frame (see figure).

-it is possible to equip the tank with an infusion device, for cooling the butter when rotation.


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