Автомат фасовки сливочного масла FMB 200 Милберг
Бункер автомата фасовки масла

Butter Filling and Wrapping Machine  FMB Milberg

Butter Filling and Wrapping Machine is designed for filling butter, margarine, spread, minced meat, cottage cheese, edible fats, ice cream, fresh cheese or sweet curd mass and other pasty products into aluminum foil, laminate or parchment paper. Product feed: bunker or directly from the production line.

A large assortment of package sizes, with 100-1000 g by choice (standard formats 110x60x (28..40), 195x65x40), robust machine design, convenient maintenance and simple reconfiguration.


Productivity, packs / min


Always accurate dosing, provided by the servomotor volumetric doser

Packaging material: foil, parchment paper.

The frame and all components of the FMB automatic machine are made of stainless steel, duralumin and plastic (nothing rot and does not rust the entire life of the machine)

Quick setup of the machine when changing to another paper size-from the touch control panel

Full filling of the corners of the briquette at dosing at a large packing over of 500 gramm is provided by a special design of the dispenser spout

Option: automatic centralized lubrication system, UV processing of packaging material and other

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