Vat bath for cheese
Vat for cheese
Control panel

Cheese Vat - Bath

The cheese factory is intended for obtaining and processing of cheese grain in the production of soft and hard cheeses. Equipped with a special kneading device, control panel with automatic maintenance of the product and coolant temperature. As a heat carrier, steam or heating by heating elements can be used. The bath can be additionally equipped with a washing head. Made from food grade stainless steel and complies with current hygiene standards. Possible performance from 50 to 1000 liters according to your size and requirements.



The process of making cheese in an industrial bath cheese 

The cheese factory allows you to produce cheeses according to different recipes. You can make traditional cheeses or with the addition of various fillers - fenugreek, wild garlic, greens, including individual varieties with sweet additives.


At the request of the customer, the dairies are equipped with equipment for the production of various types of cheese: from soft pickles (vats, suluguni, Osetinsky, Adyghe) to hard cheese (Russian, Dutch, Yaroslavl, Kostroma), as well as popular cheeses such as mozzarella, ricotta (albumin curd) , brynza. We also offer other industrial equipment for cheese production.

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