Crystallizer of butter

Crystallizer heat exchanger for direct filling of butter from the butter former



  Crystallizer (or heat exchanger) with a screw drive is designed for direct packing of butter from the butter former. It is used for packing butter in a stream. Butter (or margarine) is directly fed from the butter maker to the bagging machine. Passing through the crystallizer, the butter is cooled (crystallized) to the required consistency (becomes more dense) and cooled to a temperature of 10-11 degrees. As a coolant is cold water, which is fed into the heat exchanger of the crystallizer. The inlet of the crystallizer is connected to the butter former, and the output is connected to the dispenser of the butter filling machine, the mine feed hopper.


Butter temperature at the output, degress


Dimensions (LхWхH), mm


Weight, kg


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