Filling and packing

Butter Filling and Wrapping Machine
Wide range of package sizes, weight from 100 to 1000g
Butter Gomogonizer
It is intended for homogenization of butter, margarine before serving on the automatic filling machine of butter
Butter block cutting machine ISM
For grinding butters blocks 10-25 kg
Conveyor technology for dairy - food
Intended for the organization of in-house transportation
raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products.
Crystallizer for direct filling
The crystallizer of butter is intended for direct packing from the butter former to the filling and wrapping automatic machine
Machine for string cutting butter
The unit is designed for cutting monolith of butter, margarine, cheeses, etc. similar in density products
Machine for packing in plastic cups
Semi-Automatic Filling Machine for Plastic Cups
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Processing of milk and dairy products

Bath pasteurizer ( Vat pasterizer )
Bath pasteurizer ( Vat pasterizer ) or the long-lasting pasteurization bath is designed for the pasteurization of milk, cream and other liquid products
Rotation Butter Churner Drum
Butter churner (butter mill) for the production of butter by the traditional method-periodic cream churning
Bath curd gorizontal
Bath curd gorizontal type for the production of cottage cheese in the traditional way
Machine for pressing curd
Machine for pressing curd is designed for pressing and cooling curd (cottage cheese) in sacks
Cheese Vat - Bath
Cheese bath - vat is intended for the production of hard and soft cheeses of various formulations
Milk cooler vertical
Capacities, baths for storage and cooling of milk of vertical type with a cooling device, cooling tanks for milk with a stirrer for receiving and storing milk
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