Machine for packing in plastic cups
Machine for packing in plastic cups

Machine for packing in plastic cups UPS-2. For milk, sour cream, yogurt


  Installation (machine) of semi-automatic packaging in plastic cups is designed to block plastic cups with the product. Can be used to clog milk, sour cream, ryazhenka, juices, yoghurts and other dairy  products. After installing the cup with the plate, the unit automatically seals the beaker, then the packed glass is manually removed from the discharge position. The unit is used for capping polystyrene glasses with a volume of no more than 0.5 liters and diameters of 75 and 95 mm. Suitable for small productions, mini-shops and shops for the production of dairy products. Made mainly of food grade stainless steel. The unit can be used for sealing plastic cups with foil for already filled glasses, so it can be equipped with a special dosing device.

Output, cups/hour, up to


Installed power, kW, up to


Cup size, mm

75, 95

Machine type: semi-automatic (automatic sealing with manual feeding of cups)

Dimensions (LхWхH), mm


Approx weight, kg


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