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The thermal power required for heating can be from 10 to 100 kW, which, when using electric heaters, requires not only a powerful electric network but also high energy costs. It is more profitable in this regard to consider the possibility of gas heating of the coolant in the boiler and feeding it to a bath.


The milk pasteurizer is a thermo-insulated tank made of stainless steel, mounted on four adjustable supports. Heating is carried out by a heat exchange jacket, which is heated by electrical heater, steam


Semi-automatic packaging or low-cost version of butter filling The installation of string cutting of butter means cutting blocks of butter


Where to begin? The business idea is to buy ready-made butter in bulk (in blocks of 20 kg) and pack ready products in the customer's packing (180 pieces each).


How to choose a machine for filling butter? The subtleties of choice and the advantages of domestic and imported automatons in our article

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