Semi-automatic packaging or low-cost version of filling butter

Semi-automatic packing or budget variant of filling butter. Budgetary variant of filling of butter means cutting of blocks of butter (20-25 kg) per piece by (50-1000g). Cutting is carried out automatically on the butter grinding plant, you only need to set the cutting thickness of the block on the control panel.

Then the pieces are hand-wrapped in parchment paper, weighed on the scales with a printing device, where a self-adhesive label with its own design and all the necessary information is printed.

This method is characterized by low costs to purchase equipment (about four to five times less than with traditional automatic packaging), while the butter packaging looks like a natural "farm" product and stands out favorably on the shelf of the store.

Also, Milberg has launched a new string cutting machine for butter. The installation of string cutting of butter is intended for semi-automatic cutting of butter. Unlike the grinding plant of butter ISM, the string cutting device is designed only for cutting butter without the supply of pieces to the machine and is smaller in size and cost. The installation of string cutting of butter Milberg is used in small enterprises, in domestic and peasant farms.

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