Bath Vat Pasteurizer of long pasteurization milk. How is milk pasteurized?

Bath of long pasteurization (milk Pasteurizer VDP) - is intended for heat treatment of milk in dairy factories, workshops, small and private farms. During the heat treatment under the influence of high temperature, microorganisms are destroyed.

The milk pasteurizer is a thermo-insulated tank made of stainless steel, mounted on four adjustable supports. Heating is carried out by the heat exchange jacket, which is heated by TEN or steam or gas in a pasteurizer with gas heating

The bath of long pasteurization is equipped with a stirring device for stirring the milk in the working volume of the internal bath of long pasteurization during heating and cooling and can be used as a fermenter. Also, there is a pasteurizer version for the cheese production - the cheese maker, as a rule, in this case it differs in the design of the mixer.

After the pasteurization process, milk cooling is necessary. Milk cooling is carried out by supplying cooled (ice) water to the heat exchange jacket.

The control unit (control cabinet) performs automatic thermal control in the bath in the process of pasteurization or ferment, the temperature is set (up to +95 degrees) and is displayed on the display.

The bath of long pasteurization is a part of the equipment for the production of milk, cottage cheese, cheese, dairy and fermented milk products, perfumery and other purposes.

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Heating can be: with a heater (electric heating and automatic control unit) or heating with steam.

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