Business plan for filling butter or payback of equipment

Where to begin?

Business idea involves buying ready-made butter in bulk (in blocks of 20 kg) and packaged finished products in customer's packaging (180, 200 and 250 gr.).


Butter is a food product, which is made on the basis of milk cream, by separating or whipping them. Butter belongs to the category of basic products and is a commodity of daily demand.

Large companies-manufacturers have long been consolidated in the market and for small and medium-sized businesses there are several ways:

First, there is a niche "economy" (without a trade mark and good packaging, packed in conventional polyethylene film), which can be sold in the markets. Its consumers are residents of regions with low incomes.

Secondly, cooperation with food supermarkets, which practice the sale of products under their own trademarks (private labels), seems to be more promising. In this case, the entrepreneur will act as a production base for the supermarket, manufacturing the finished product by order and packing it in the customer's packaging. With good quality of products, as well as strict observance of delivery terms, the second development option is seen as very promising.


Packaging of butter includes several simple steps:

1. Purchase of ready-made butter in bulk in blocks of 20kg. (very high-quality and inexpensive oil comes from Belarus).

2. Oil in blocks for 8-20 hours before packaging is taken from the freezer and fed by blocks to a homogenizer of butter, which smooths the consistency and moisture, thereby increasing the consumer qualities. Homogenizer oil is fed to the bagging machine, where the packing takes place (in our case in packs of 180-250g), packing and applying the date, then from the output conveyor of the machine, the finished packs are stacked in cardboard boxes for shipment to the store.

What equipment is needed?

In Russia, both foreign and Russian manufacturers of this equipment are represented. It also offers a large selection of second-hand machines, it is very difficult to find a reliable and efficient machine, as Pavlo such machines are sold because of frequent breakdowns and downtime due to their strong wear and tear. Downtime and frequent repairs-are very expensive because of the need to identify a breakdown, wait for necessary spare parts, repair an uneasy machine. Consequently, this is a disruption in the delivery of products, a decline in reputation, and penalties. Therefore, we will stop on the purchase of new equipment, with a set of spare parts, warranty and service support.

So, for reliable and trouble-free operation, we need the following advanced equipment:

1. Automatic butter filling machine - Butter filling and wrapping machine Milberg.

2. Butter homogenizer.

3. Freezer installation, with a chamber up to 10 m3.

4. Balance, computer, etc.

Feasibility study

The costs of opening a business are:


Purchase of automatic filling machine butter from stainless steel - 6 000 000 rub .; Homogenizer-1 200 000 rub .; Refrigeration unit - 100 000r .; Creation of a stock of production - 300 000 rub .; Other costs - 200,000; ____________________________________ Total non-recurrent costs - 7 800 000 rubles.

Monthly costs:

Mode of operation-2 shifts per day, 30 days per month

Rent a building of the former dining room 50m2 in Russia-100 000r./ month

Salaries - 500 000 rub.

Electricity 3840 kW / 3 kW / 12,000 rubles.

Water, heating, etc.-10 000 rub.

Unforeseen costs-28,000rubles.


Total monthly expenses - 650,000 rubles

Profit and payback of butter filling

-Productivity per 1-shift (8 hours of operation of the machine), taking into account the packaging in packs of 200 g, the speed of the machine 50 bucks / minute:

4 800kg / shift

-Number of shifts per month:


-The volume of production per month:


-Price for 1 kg. products, in rubles:

In the store 400r / kg (5 packs 200gr. To 80r / pack)

The store's mark-up and other costs-20%

It turns out the purchase price of the packaged oil at us: 320r / kg

Wholesale price of quality oil in briquettes of 20kg: 220r / kg

Packaging material 20% of the cost of 1 kg of oil (foil) -60 / kg


From each packaged kg of oil: 320-220-60 = 40p from the packaged kg

In a month with 100% implementation of the plan 40r.h288 000kg / month = 11 500 000r./ month

Taxes, other costs 30% = 3,500,000

- Net profit per month:

11.500.000-3.500.000-650.000 = 7,350,000 rubles / month

* It is important to note that this profit is calculated on the condition of uninterrupted operation of the equipment (without breakages, downtime) under two-shift operation (100% load), advertising and brand costs, as well as transportation costs are not taken into account.

Taking into account the start of business (with incomplete equipment loading and low selling price for butter to stimulate demand):

The estimated payback period of the equipment is from 1.5-6 months.

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