Choice of equipment for filling butter

In the food packaging industry, especially for the production of butter, margarine and spreads, the equipment for filling butter is of great importance. The filling equipment should provide at the exit-auric appearance of the pack, aesthetic and consumer qualities.

It is known that butter is a very useful food product for every person. Its digestibility by the human body is approximately ninety percent, and in some cases much higher. It is for these reasons that the product range presented in supermarkets and shops is currently too extensive. But in order that potential buyers could in fact assess the taste and benefits of such a product, you must necessarily bring it properly directly to the point of sale. That is, you must first properly pack it. For such measures, it is necessary to have specialized, modern and advanced equipment for packing oil in factories.

As for filling universal units, they in turn are obliged to fully satisfy a wide range of specific requirements. The fact is that any packaging materials must not be damaged in any way throughout the process, including storage or transportation of the product from place to place, preserve the consumer qualities of butter-flavor and its consistency, and be economically feasible.

In addition, equally important is the fact that the packaging material should not be contaminated with the original product. It is unlikely that the buyer will take in the hands of a package that is oxidized or soiled in oil. It is for this reason that a special butter dispenser must necessarily function and cope with its tasks. In no event should the production be allowed to enter the product, which is packaged, directly on the conveyor belt, or on other parts of the production line. This is provided by modern dispensers with an improved design.

What do you need to pack the butter? The most standard line consists of an oil homogenizer, a filling machine, a conveyor, a dating device that puts the date of manufacture on the product. As a rule, packing can be made only from several types of materials. Everything will depend only on the class of products. You can take for this plastic containers, paper or foil.

After the butter is wrapped in the briquette by means of a filling machine, the briquette is subsequently fed to the operator. The operator manually places the product in a container.

The last several decades the most widespread unit of this type is the ARM series (Automatic Butter Packing Machine) developed in the Soviet Union. Now there are more advanced technological lines of imported production, such as Benhil, Trepko, FASA, allowing to quickly and efficiently pack the margarine / butter in briquettes, in which all the useful and taste qualities of the product are best preserved. We offer a modern automatic filling machine for butter, which is an analogue of imported machines

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