Bath with a long pasteurization of the VDP with gas heating (boiler)

Пастеризатор ВДП с газовым нагревом

The bath of long pasteurization is used for milk pasteurization at the enterprises of the food industry, peasant (farmer) farms, dairy kitchens, public catering establishments.

Heating is carried out by the coolant in the heat exchange jacket. The heat carrier is water, which is heated in the pasteurizer itself (with the help of a heating element) or is supplied already hot / in the form of steam from the boiler room. The thermal power required for heating can be from 10 to 100 kW, which, when using electric heaters, requires not only a powerful electric network but also high energy costs. It is more profitable in this regard to consider the possibility of gas heating of the coolant in the boiler and feeding it to a bath.

Let's calculate the cost of heating electricity and gas, for example, a pasteurizer at 630 liters with a heat output of 60 kW: (for convenience, the calculation will use the mean and rounded values)

For heating to the pasteurization temperature, we need about 1h (the cost of further maintaining the temperature will not be taken into account), the pasteurization cycle is 2h (including heating 1h, cooling, loading / unloading), that is, the heating lasts 4h per shift.

Electric heating costs:

60kW x 4p / kW = 240rub / h per shift 240x4 = 960rub / shift

Expenses for gas heating in a gas boiler: 1m3 is 9kW of heat, which costs 5r 60kW / 9kW = 6,7m3 gas / h, the cost of 1m3 of gas-5r 6,7m3х5р / м3 = 33,5 rub / h in shift 33,5х4 = 134 rub / change

The economic efficiency of gas heating in comparison with electric heating will be:240 / 33,5 = 7 timesNamely, with a daily 1-shift operating mode, the costs for the year (360 days per year):-For electric heating 960rub x 360days = 345 600 rubles / year- for gas heating 134 rubles x 360 days = 48 240 rubles / yearWhen using gas heating in comparison with an electric one at a rate of 630 liters, the savings will be:345600-48240 = 297360rub / year ** with a daily 1-shift operation mode (360 days a year)Company Milberg offers pasteurizers as well as TEN and for the option with a gas (or other) boiler. All baths can be equipped with automation with functions: heating to the set temperature, its indication, exposure for a certain time, automatic supply of the product / coolant. This allows: automatically maintain the specified pasteurization temperature, its indication, and control the gas flame. Send request and buy a bath of long-lasting pasteurization for gas heating

Ванна вдп для пастеризации молока с газовой горелкой

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