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Here you can buy: Butter Filling and Wrapping Machine FMB, Butter Gomogonizer, Batch Pasteurizer (Vat Pasteurizer), Curd bath Vat, Butter churn machine, and other equipment for milk and butter directly from the manufacturer, without extra charges and overpayments

Butter homogenizer

Butter Gomogonizer


The homogenizer reduces costs when processing butter from storage, by reducing the time required for defrosting, plus improves the quality of the butter and reduces water losses during packaging. In the process of homogenization, a smooth distribution of water in the butter is ensured, which increases the shelf life of the butter, as well as provides the best consumer properties.

The homogenizer is completely made of high quality stainless steel AISI304(and AISI 316) and corresponds to the current EU standards of safety and hygiene.

automatic butter filling machine | automatic filling machine for butter

Butter Filling and Wrapping Machine - Milberg FMB


Butter Filling and Wrapping Machine is designed for filling butter, margarine, meat, cottage cheese, edible fats, fresh cheese or sweet curd mass and other paste products into aluminum foil, laminate or parchment paper. Product feed: bunker or directly from the production line.

A large assortment of package sizes (including europack), with 100-1000 g of choice, robust machine design, convenient maintenance and simple changeover.

Bath Vat Pasteurizer

Bath pasteurizer ( Vat pasterizer ) - Milk pasteurizer

The pasteurization bath is made of high quality of stainless steel. It has a sheathing, insulation, work area and a "shirt". "Shirt" is filled with water, then comes the supply of steam, due to which the products are heated. When the warm-up process is over, the cold water (water with a temperature of 2..4 degrees) is fed into the "shirt" for rapid cooling. The temperature of the product is controlled by a temperature sensor with a thermostat.

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